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Every kid that went to Atlantic City's Steel Pier in the 60's & 70's wanted to be on this TV Dance Show, Some of us were lucky enough to experience it. :-)..


RIP Eddie Nixon Dec 2010 .


Ed Hurst 1978 Interview with Vince Montana. This clip was taped at the WPVI TV 6 Studios and used during the STEEL PIER SHOW's last season , 1978.





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Ed Hurst Steel Pier Show 1960's, Carmens Pics

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1960's Dancing at the Diving Horse Tank outside of the Marine Ballroom ..Thanks for the pic CARMEN

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Jay & the Techniques 1960's

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Ed Hurst , Casino Theatre 1973

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Eddie Nixon & Me 1973 , Regular Dancers on the show .

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Eddie Nixon & Donna , his partner 1973

GeoMichaels.gif (77822 bytes)George Michaels Autographs.gif (87225 bytes)

Jimmy Baker & Marty signing autographs

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WPVI Van & View from backstage door of the Casino Theatre


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Jim O'Brien WFIL Studios ,Co Host 1970's


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Jimmy "Baker" & EDISON




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         This audio clip is from 1973 . :-) enjoy! Marty