Atlantic City , Steel Pier & Steeplechase Pier BEFORE Casinos .  

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 Look at the Boards & Steeplechase changing same shot above & below a few years apart. Click the Picture for a larger version.               

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Steeplechase Pier The Hell Hole, My ride the "HIMALAYA",the Zipper , The Calypso...What fun we had !

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Lahri Bond & Mom in front of Steeplechase Pier

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Golden Dome Ballroom & Circus

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Ernie , Side entrance of the Pier

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Ms. Carver & Gamal , A Diving Horse from the 1970's

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Barney Cipriani ,  Dave & ?

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High Dive

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Me on the beach , Central Pier Background. The old modeling days .

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Lahri Bond & Bike

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Al Elvanian , cameraman Steel Pier Show July 22 1973

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Steeplechase Pier , Himalaya Ride & Me ..I LOVED MY JOB !!

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George Tilyou Jr. , Steeplechase Pier with Mike, Steve Garris & Tommy my co workers ..I miss these guys .

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Tommy James & the Shondells.. July8, 1973 Golden Dome Ballroom


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