This was  STEEL PIER,Atlantic City  N. J., in a Kinder , Gentler time.

Steel Pier Atlantic City NJ . This site is dedicated to the OLD STEEL PIER and those that loved it.

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The Old STEEL PIER , ATLANTIC CITY NEW JERSEY , STEEL PIER a magical place to grow up . The ONLY STEEL PIER that earned this website .Thank you for so many great years & memories.

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I just got this message 1/4/11 about Eddie Nixon from his girlfriend Sue Stone  Please watch :-) Great Video :-)

"I am sorry to tell you my boyfriend Eddie Nixon passed away December 3,2010. We met 1971 at the Pier on Memorial Day weekend. I miss and love him very much."

STEEL PIER  , Atlantic City N.J. , Steel Pier will always be a Magical place to those of us that were lucky enough to spend a day on the "Pier".  I was lucky enough to " grow up" on Steel Pier , first job, first dance with a girl, first kiss , first feelings of independence and freedom wandering the Pier from Entrance to Ballroom, knowing everyone & everything in-between  , Somehow those days seemed a bit safer for kids and families ...a bit gentler.....WOW , I really miss those days... Don't you ?

" MMMmm they're soooo good , when you wake up in the morning , they're gonna make you wanna ...JUMP Right outta bed ! "

We didn't forget the BELGIUM WAFFLE Pitch .

CHECK IT OUT!! Has a GREAT book out about Steel Pier as we remember it. Steve Liebowitz , the books Author even gave us a mention in it !:-) .


Ocean Wonderworld before that Bobby Jones Animal Farm ,Before that the General Motors Exhibit. Across from Steels Fudge  & Planters Peanuts

I spent so many days feeding the pidgeons on the boards, the sun on my face and the Ocean Breeze blocked by STEEL PIER.

The Atlantic City Trams owned by Bobby McAllister .The Virginia Theater was closed, Lou's Artist Village open, Irene's Gifts was open

Remember POKERINO ? "Roll your ball " .

These Came In 05/01/2006


Here is a pic of the Diving bell with the Aquarama sign behind it. And the boardwalk. And two from the dog circus show. They are from the summer of 1968 and thats me (Mark ,contributor)

in the pictures.


Mark .........THANK YOU MARK!!






Jim Ellis Contributed the picture above and the pics below Click the thumbnail picture below for the full size pic  .THANK YOU!



I could not wait to post these so here are the latest pictures that were sent in by JIM ELLIS . THANKS JIM !  We appreciate it.:-) ..3 more pics 3-20-06 THANK U !


This is a note from Jim, our most recent person to share his photos with us :
"I'm touched by your enthusiasm over those photos, and your kindest words. I am deeply grateful. Your happiness and the happiness of others who visit your site, are the greatest compliment I can receive. Just add them to your pictures. I just wish I had more. I will ask around though. If I can get my hands on some pictures that others may have, I will, with their permission, pass them on to you, and tell you who the rightful owners are.
I remember staying in a place on Oriental Avenue several times. I choose to omit the name of the place.  It certainly wasn't the greatest on earth but, when you can't afford an upscale hotel, you do what you must. The "elders" among us used to listen to WFPG fm. There was a guy who called himself "Captain John" if I recall. Of course us hooligans tuned into the South Jersey Giant, the Boss 1340 WMID. In later years, I recall the Budweiser beachcomber show. On WFPG, FM. Stu Sachs was the midnight guy I believe. (did I spell his name right?)
I saw acts on Steel Pier like The 4 seasons. Smokey Robinson and the miracles. The Bee Gees. I enjoyed the Steel Pier. Come rain or shine, the sun always shined inside. For a modest fee, you had all day things to do. Things that everybody could do. I enjoyed the General Motors exhibit. Especially sitting in the cars I could never afford then. We used to haunt a place on the boardwalk called pokerino. If I recall, the address there was 539 Boardwalk?
I just wish Atlantic City would build piers similar to what we had.  I'm not knocking Casino gambling at all. I just have the opinion that Atlantic City has a very proud past, and that past should not be limited to a museum. I would love to see a new, old Steel Pier. I would love it to be built with the original blueprints. I think it's a sad mistake not having several amusement piers there.
I'm 54 years old. I live in Delaware county, Pa. Raised 4 step kids. I love visiting Walt Disney World. Been there 7 times now. I have taken thousands of pictures there. I can't wait to go back.
Marty, thanks again for your kindest words & enthusiasm. Use those photos in any capacity you see fit. I just hope that others who see them will like them as much as you do. That's a reward all in itself.
Jim"       Contact Jim Ellis thru our Guestbook





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NOTE : Bobby Jones passed Recently  ,Feb 2006 . Bobby was a Friend that took me in as a 15 year old runaway , gave me a job , a meal and a Mentor for many years .WHAT A SALESMAN & Showman! . His choice of lifestyle was different from mine but that's what helps make my Crayon Box so full of colors .The Characters that I have met through life that never passed judgment on me as I didn't on them. Those of you that have passed judgment on me or others because of Skin Color, Lifestyle or the way we do things "Rain on You "as AMOS would say .

Bobby Jones will be Missed by those of us that Knew him .


Johns Pics , Him with his favorite Comedians & his First" Garage" band..Looks like a YARD band! :-)

Ok John , I gave u front page , I will give you YOUR OWN Video page when its here..THANKS , Marty



This picture of CHILDS on the Boardwalk .



Click on the PICTURES or COLORED LINK BARS at the bottom of the page to see ALL of our pages .



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Steeplechase Pier, Steel Pier , Woolworths ..What a Great Old Boardwalk Shot

Divers.gif (50709 bytes)             MrPeanut.gif (51874 bytes)                rocketride.gif (26391 bytes)

                                                                  The Steel Pier Divers                             Mr. Peanut                                  The Rocket Ride ,Steel Pier  



Tony Grant Stars of Tomorrow. (Are there any "Stars"out there?)    



        Pier dick clark.jpg (87519 bytes)                                        Hiwirebw.jpg (126678 bytes) 

             Dick Clark on the "Pier" , Marine Ballroom                                                     High wire act Water Circus                                              

                                             Wpvivan.gif (71976 bytes)  Diving Bell B&W.jpg (62683 bytes)                                                   


Here are our latest Pictures from the collection of AJ , Alan J Franklin.  Kath, AJ thinks you will enjoy these!  THANK YOU AJ !,

Click the Thumbnail Pics for full size pictures.


Great morning shot of Steeplechase Pier. You can see the skeleton of the HIMALAYA across from the Roller Coaster . Yo AMOS!  If you knew Amos you knew Benji . Anyone have a

Picture of AMOS? I am also looking for STEVE GARRIS from the Himalaya & Mike Garris from the Calypso rides. If you know these AC residents PLEASE contact me.


                                                                          MorPierBkgd17.jpg (157011 bytes)  

                                                                                     Thats me...Marty Morley, Steel Pier & Steeplechase Pier Employee, at 17 years old .

                                                                                             Pier Fire Big.jpg (39045 bytes)


                                                                                          THE END of the Pier!  Our Steel Pier can't be replaced by a Carnival .


 One of the EMCEES at the water show was Hy Lit in the 70's . Sam Lit, Hys son worked the Sound Board for the show. Sam now a Tribute to HY LIT . I had the pleasure of knowing Hy and I congradulate Sam Lit, My friend & Hy Lits son for his accomplishments .Keep the Oldies alive Sammy !

                                                 Rolling Stones 



Hy Lit  is missed by everyone he ever touched. Stop by one of Sam's dance parties at a local spot near you and relive the old days . Long live WUSS AM 1975

LISTEN To the Sounds of Days Gone By with Hy & Sam . .Click here to listen to Hy Lit Rhythm.



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